Every cakepop is special.

… the village of Maroa and the surrounding metropolitan areas were sad because they had nothing yummy to sink their sweet tooth into.


Fortunately, Debi T was all too familiar with the dilemma -- and boring store-bought cakes were not going to be enough. Fabled for her confectionery mastery and creativity, Debi T knew exactly how to avert this bland crisis caused by a conspicuous lack of sweetness. Cakepops. Made with wholesome ingredients and lots of love, you’ll find a way to keep the peace in your village with our sweet treats, too.

Every cakepop is custom made and special for every event -- from birthdays and graduations, to weddings and anniversaries.  Or maybe you need a full-sized custom cake, cupcakes, or cookies?  We got 'em & more!

Cakepops & More by Debi T | 115 W Main St Maroa IL 61756 US | 217-615-0861 

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